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Electromotive Engine Management and Ignition Systems

Electromotive system XDI (Extreme Direct Ignition)
TEC3R (Total Engine Control
  These are the only electronic automotive systems we sell and support.
  • Increased timing accuracy
  • Complete advance control
  • More spark energy
  • Direct ignition
  • No moving parts
  • Throw away your distributor!
  • Throw away your coil!

The XDI (Extreme Direct Ignition) system replaces your distributor and coil.

The TEC3R (Total Engine Control) is a complete engine management system, doing away with your stock carburetion or existing fuel injection. TEC3R allows you to program your engine with your windows laptop.

Alfa engine kit

Call Wes for more information on these products.

Ingram Enterprises has developed an XDI kit for Alfa 4-cylinder motors which utilizes the SPICA injection cover as a mount for the sensor. The crank pulley is modified to accept the trigger wheel. The crank sensor mounts to the aluminum holder affixed to the injection cover.

We can supply complete XDI ignition systems for every engine manufacturer.