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72 GTV “Puppy”

We strive to maximize all performance areas for our 105, 115 and Montreal Alfa Romeos, including gas mileage, smooth idle, drivability and reduced emissions.

There are three different types of induction systems possible.

High Performance SPICA
45 mm Weber carbs on 1880 cc
race engine
45 mm Weber carbs on 1880 cc race engine
Electronic Injection

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We have the first installment of several books available.
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The goal is to provide owners with the step-by-step process Wes has developed over years of restoring Alfa engines. For the most complete understanding of your engine, we encourage you to read this book.

Contact Us to start a conversation about your Alfa Romeo’s complete CYLINDER HEAD, CAM, AND INDUCTION matched package that will be uniquely suited for your wants and needs. Click here for info on our new Rebuilding manual for 105-115 Alfa engines.

Bryce loading a completed engine

Please Note:  Please allow for a 60 to 90-day turn around of your pump due to world wide demand for Spica systems. It is not necessary to check on the progress of your order, once you are in the queue no one gets in front of you.

Check our price sheet for current packages and prices.

Also see our engine shipping instructionsinstructions for shipping your pump, and info on getting your order in the queue.

WARNING: Do not use silicone sealers on O-Rings and oil passages. Plugged oil passages can destroy the pump.

Learn more about Alfa Romeo’s Spica fuel injection technology from our Spica Manual, now available on Amazon Kindle tablets (or any tablet/computer with the Kindle App) or wire-bound from our shop (with other items only). In the USA, click here to buy it on Amazon.
Elsewhere, search your Amazon for “Alfa Spica Book” (available worldwide in US English).

Our current project load keeps us from being able to answer the phone consistently. Email is the best way to reach us.

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