About Us

Carl, Bryce, Wes, Rita, and Herb in the shop. Photo by Viktor Lawrynuik, used with permission.

Herb Sanborn

In 2002 Herb took over the rebuilding of Spica injection pump systems from Wes. Herb had retired after 30 years as a research oceanographer with the federal government. Having spent time in Wes’s shop working on his own Alfa engine, the opportunity to learn the Spica system was enticing. As the years went by the value of the vintage Alfas continued to climb and as a result more cars were undergoing restoration. This change in value meant that the pumps also needed to be of a restoration quality and many changes in the cosmetics of the Spica pumps were implemented. Additionally, the demand for Spica systems increased dramatically since the value of the cars was, in part, based on originality. As a result of the increase in demand, Herb designed and built a double flow bench. At about this same time Wes and Herb started to develop higher performance engines which required the development of high-performance Spica system. This evolution of the fuel injection was perhaps what the factory would have done if the mechanical fuel injection systems had continued to be installed in Alfas. We are pleased that we can offer a high level of engine performance that does not compromise drivability, longevity of the injection system or even gas mileage under cruising conditions and there are no external changes that would indicate a modification of the engine.

In 2004 Herb registered as H&W Racing, LLC. The H&W was Herb and Wes and was the result of a very intense effort during this time to present track days for the Northwest Alfa Club. This on-track experience led to a continued effort to develop the engines and the suspensions of the vintage Alfa cars. Though the track involvement has diminished, the knowledge gained during this time has been the impetus for the engine and Spica fuel injection system development that is currently ongoing.

Bryce Noblat

Bryce began his automotive career working part time while attending Western Washington University. A highly motivated and dedicated automotive enthusiast, Bryce built a 300 horsepower turbo charged Volkswagen Cabriolet at the age of 19.

Bryce operates Breezy Enterprises, LLC.

Carl Freund

Carl joined the team with a background in jet engine development and owning and restoring his 67 GTV and Hudson Terraplane. Carl maintains Thermostatic Actuator production, engine restoration and other special projects requiring skilled hands and years of experience.

George Rodgers-Clark

George keeps the website and shop computers (and Wes’ iPhone) up, running and up-to-date. He’s been working with computers since his father brought home an Apple II; professionally since 1996. (His father also raced Alfas before George was born: lots of car books around.) Working for a software startup 2007-2011 he picked up website building and maintenance. George and Herb met through their wives in Seattle in the late 90s. When George and family moved closer to the shop and he was looking for tech work, Herb introduced him to Wes. George most recently developed this new version of our site! He is also IT Manager for the local food co-op.

Wes and Rita Ingram

Wes and Rita incorporated Ingram Enterprises in 1985. Wes began studying and developing Spica injection systems as he was winding down his 30 year management career with Sears Roebuck Corporation. Rita got her California State Real Estate license then bought a prepared 1973 GTV race car with her first real estate commission and together as a team they competed in SCCA’s Improving Touring series at Laguna Seca and Sears-point Raceways in California. We has been an AROC Technical Advisor since 1987: feel free to use our contact form to ask technical questions.

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