Note: Bosch bought Kugelfischer

The German Kugelfischer series of pumps are very different than Alfa’s Spica pumps and Bosch mechanical injection pumps. The KF pumps are the most compact and versatile, used in both street vehicles and factory race cars. Mechanical fuel injection systems are marvelous works of design and engineering and when correct they are superior to any other fuel metering system of the time. Although they have a recirculating high pressure and drain back oiling system, they do gum up after years of driving and long term storage. We do not make partial repairs. All pumps and injectors are completely disassembled, inspected /repaired/tested and cleaned by ultrasonic washing; then flow bench tested.

These pumps are very precise and durable , much like a Swiss watch except that they have fuel, coolant and oil running through them. Unlike other major automotive components these pumps were never intended to be serviceable in the field.

Although we are able to build our Alfa Spica pumps to match engine upgrades; our KF pumps are built for factory stock engines. We can adjust the pumps for increased displacement and compression as long as the factory cam is retained. Bigger cams change the engine speed where maximum torque occurs while reducing torque are lower speeds. The pump’s logic section cannot adjust to cam changes.

Kugelfischer Pump, fresh from a customer: 2002 tii pump with warmup regulator.

Kugelfischer 308 Pump

BMW M1 Pump, Bosch Fuel Injection

BMW M12 Race Pump, For Factory 2.0 Motors

These pictures show the sludge that builds up inside BMW Kugelfischer tii pumps.

All the internal parts have to be removed, washed, and cleaned then re-assembled.

Kugelfischer Injectors

Injectors on the right have the rust we typically see before cleaning.

We also test every pump on our custom bench, as this YouTube video from customer Paul Winterton nicely shows.

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