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Phone: 360-707-5701

Phone: 360-707-5701

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Montreal 8C

Dismantled Montreal 8C Pump
Dismantled Montreal 8C Pump
  Montreal 8C pump ready for testing
Montreal 8C pump ready for the test bench.
5 Montreal 8C Pumps near Completion
Montreal 8C near completion.
  Rob Thompson's 8C Engine
Complete Montreal Engine, photo by Rob Thompson
We had some special parts machined for a project, and could only get them done in bulk. We hope you'll find these useful: call us to get them included in our work with you.
Montreal crank nuts: click for full size image

These replacement crank nuts eliminate the need for a special spanner tool that would exceed the cost of the nuts alone. 2.0 in. or 50 mm Hex nuts, nickel plated.

  Flywheel fasteners: click for full size

Special machined 9 mm x 1.0 replacement flywheel fasteners with correct grip length. Fits perfectly!

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Montreal SPICA pipe clamps: click for full size image

Spica pipe clamps: often missing or lost.

  Pistons and sleeve set: click for full size

Premium forged CP-Carrillo 10.5/1 compression, low dome. Includes: (8) Pistons with retaining clips, pins and ring sets. (8) premium Darton Sleeves. Increases displacement to 2720 cc, improves horsepower and torque. Increases gas mileage with reduced oil consumption. Sleeves machined, pistons and rings fit to sleeves, ready to install.