Engine Restorations with Modern Internal Upgrades

1972 GTV “Puppy”, 400,000 miles

Fully restored, body, paint, and interior. Full mechanical restoration. 501 Sickens paint. Leather seats, new door panels with original factory stitching. 2008cc Stage II performance engine, Spica HP 6000 pump; injectors and actuators restored. Complete intake manifold restoration. This is our most popular engine/pump combination. This is as close to showroom condition as you can get. Please contact us for more details.

Stage II

180 HP, 160 ft lbs of torque

Weber Carburetors

45 mm Weber carbs on 1880 cc
race engine

Electronic Injection

More info coming soon…

Checklist before sending your engine:


  • Starter and bellhousing shims
  • Starter centering bolt
  • Distributor clamp and distributor
  • Top dead center pointer
  • Complete air box if it will be restored by Breezy Enterprises
  • Drain plugs
  • Flywheel and clutch assembly
  • Ignition coil
  • All engine fasteners

Don’t Send

  • Fluids: drain them all out
  • Spica front cover (belt)
  • Clutch release bearing and fork
  • Airbox if not being restored
  • Headers, exhaust

Tap/click here for full packing instructions in a PDF. Be sure to place a card with your name, address, phone number and email address on the engine prior to wrapping. The average weight of a packed engine is 340 pounds (154 kilos) without the starter and alternator. The proper terminology for what you are shipping (with the shipping company) is “used auto engine”.

Ship to:
Ingram Enterprises, Inc.
15613 Petersen Road, Bldg. A
Burlington, WA 98233 USA

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