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We are very happy with our ultrasonic cleaners from Omegasonics.

This is an extremely effective, solvent free cleaning method, which takes pumps like this…

And cleans them to this…

This technology removes sediment that is invisible to the eye

It took 4 years to design our dual test benches. We installed and put them into operation in the summer of 2013. The complex design of the mechanical gasoline injection pumps requires from 20 to 80 hours of bench time after they have been assembled. Maintaining the pump calibration to within 1% accuracy between cylinders results in low emissions, improved gas mileage and more power and torque.

All phases and components of the pumps are run and tested to match the engines various speeds and power. When sending your pump to us for rebuilding we need to know the intended engine upgrades even if it is a mild camshaft upgrade.

This is where most of the action takes place. Cleanliness is absolutely essential when working with the extremely tight tolerances of fuel injection systems.

A true mechanical computer.
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