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Note: Prices are subject to change without notice, including while your pump is in our queue.

Alfa Romeo Engine & Spica Fuel Injection Service & Parts

For all pumps: Price includes $200 for special parts, gaskets, seals and o-rings.

4 Cylinder Pumps

1969 Stock engine with factory cams$ 1925.00**
1971 – 1980 Stock engine with factory cams$ 2025.00**
High Performance 6000*$ 2575.00**
Stage 4 High Performance 7500*$ 2925.00**
Pump core charge$ 100.00
*For modified engines, with non-stock cams. Click here for more info
**Prices effective 10/22/22

8 Cylinder Pumps

MONTREAL: includes restoring pump base and filter. Injectors and TAs are priced separately.$ 3500.00
Pump core chargeNone available
Additional charges may apply to replace bronze connecting rods damaged by plugged oil filters and passages. Please remove the base from the pump & wrap separately to include w/ pump & injectors. If base is left on the pump it can suffer severe shipping damage.

Other SPICA Pumps

Exotic SPICA pumpsInquire

Miscellaneous SPICA System Parts

Fuel Cut off Solenoid Restoration
> Note this is an extra charge: most only need cleaning.
$ 200.00
Oil filter and gasket (4 cylinder)$ 22.00
Fuel Pressure Switch$ 15.00
Injectors reconditioned (each)* Click here for more info.$ 100.00
> Set of four:$ 400.00
Core charge (each)$ 25.00
Intake Manifolds restored Click here for more info.$1775.00
SPICA Book is available on (Kindle version)$ 9.99
SPICA Book (print copy available with other items only)$ 36.00
High Performance Throttle Bodies, Restored*$ 450.00
Throttle body core charge$ 75.00
Restored/plated fuel injection pipe sets 
> 4 Cylinder (set of 4): ultrasonically cleaned, straightened & replated$ 480.00
> 8 Cylinder (set of 8): ultrasonically cleaned, straightened & replated$ 720.00

Montreal SPICA Parts (Hard to find!)

Custom Machined Replacement Crank Nuts$ 66.00 each
Flywheel Fasteners$ 29.00 each
Spica Pipe Clamps$ 19.00 per pair
Pistons and Sleeves Set$4,500.00
Click here to for pictures. For regular gaskets, seals, etc., contact your favorite Alfa Parts Store

Thermostatic Actuators (Rebuilt)

4 cylinder TA w/ new tube$ 385.00
4 cylinder TA core charge$ 75.00
8 cylinder TA w/ new tube$ 395.00
8 cylinder TA, no core required$ 650.00

High Performance & Race Components

Alfa Cams – 4 Cylinder (Each)

High Performance & Race: 12mm & larger hard-face cobalt welded cams.
Core required. All vintage and modern profiles available.
$ 350.00
Core charge$ 100.00

Alfa Performance Cylinder Heads, Approximate Estimate

Street Stage 1**$ 2200.00
High Performance**$ 2800.00
Track and Race**$ 3500.00
**Cams installed, adjusted and head ready to install. Click here for photos & info

Alfa Reconditioned Connecting Rods (Set of 4)

Street: Shot peened and balanced$ 450.00

ALFA Performance Engines (4 cylinder)

StreetCall for estimate
High PerformanceCall for estimate
RaceCall for estimate
Engine Dyno service$1200.00 to $1600.00

Alfa Race Engine Components

Ingram Enterprises Custom-Designed Pistons, Rings, Clips, Pins (4)
    Made by CP Carillo Click here for photo & info
$ 990.00
Lightweight Carrillo Rods (4)$ 1595.00
 Ingram Enterprises Custom-Designed Sleeves, Set of 4
    Made by Darton Sleeves Click here for photo & info
$ 795.00
Machine Work, Hone, Fit Pistons & Rings$ 395.00
Montreal Pistons (82mm x 10.5 compression ratio), Darton Sleeves, includes Machine Work
    Complete Set of 8
$ 4300.00
Aluminium 11 pound Flywheel – 1600, 1750, 2000 & Montreal$ 675.00

Alfa Engine Components

Complete crankshaft zero balance$ 175.00
Clutch balance$ 45.00
Flywheel balance$ 55.00

Other Alfa Parts

Aluminum Radiators*: 
> for 105 and 115 GTV’s & Spiders (racing)$ 650.00
    > with SPAL 12″ fan includes bung, 185-deg switch, relay, and harness (street)$ 826.00
Guibo Savers (pair): 105/115 Cars Only$ 60.00
* Lightweight with built in oil cooler/heat exchanger. Efficient Double Pass design. More info here.

Kugelfischer Fuel Injection Service and Parts

Kugelfischer Pumps and Parts

4 Cylinder pumps*tii Street: $1425.00
Race type pumps: $1525.00
6 Cylinder pumps$ 1750.00
Race pumps (Time and Materials)$ 135.00/hour
Other Kugelfischer pumpsInquire
* Modified engine cams cannot be used with the stock
injection pumps. Price is an average and depends upon the state of the parts before work begins.
Gasket Sets extra for all pumps.

Kugelfischer Components

Injectors reconditioned and rebuilt*  Click here for more info.from $125 each**
Warm-up unit reconditioned and rebuilt$350 to $425*
* Send spares if possible.
**This is an average price range. If more rust & pitting are present, the price will be higher.

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