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Pictured here is one of our Twin Spark engines installed in a 67 GTV. Included in this package:

  • High performance lightweight aluminum radiator with built-in oil cooler. * More pictures below
  • 45 mm TWM throttle bodies with velocity stacks.

Lightweight 10.8/1 CP pistons and custom Carrillo rods. Darstan TS Headers. Electromotive Tec 3 distributor-less engine management system. 227 hp using 92 octane unleaded gasoline. Smooth idle and very streetable. Wide torque band through 8200 rpm. Breathtaking acceleration.

Here’s an engine photo that displays several components:

  • Borla/TWM throttle bodies with Spica Injectors
  • H&W Race Injection Pump, includes Billet hex fuel nut and alloy wrench for easy setup and tuning
  • Billet serpentine pulleys

Guibo Savers

We have been using these Guibo savers on all our performance and Race Alfas for over 15 years and have never had a failure.

In 2012, we made several 1/4 mile acceleration runs at our 1/2 mile test track near our shop with Red Ryder. This was the first time I tested any 105 chassis and running gear for full hard/launch drag race results. On 6 different runs, we floored the throttle to 8000 rpm, dropped the clutch and with the Limited slip layed down about 20 feet of black rubber with the 9 in. wide Toyo’s. I was prepared and expected that something would break, but there were no failures. To my surprise the car launched perfectly straight with just enough wheel spin to not bog the engine. This was with our best 1750 engine to date that made 200.4 HP @ 7100 rpm and 162.1 ft lbs torque at 5300 rpm. Our 1/4 times were 12.85 seconds at 105 mph.

The savers attach to the unsupported ends of the bolts, not on the yokes. They contain the ends of the nuts and bolts on opposite ends and prevent them from spreading at high rpm. Cost is $ 60.00 per pair of two. (Click here to see them on our price sheet.)

Aluminum Radiator with Integrated Oil Cooler

With hotter summers and upgraded engines we need better and more efficient radiators in our 105 and 115 Alfas. Repairing, restoring and upgrading the existing old style radiators can exceed the cost of a new more efficient radiator. Using proven Sprint Car technology, we designed our radiators  to fit the 105 and 115 chassis with very little modification.

These aluminum radiators have greater capacity than the factory radiators and they weigh less. They cool so well that you can almost get by without a fan. These radiators have a double pass design with efficient horizontal tubes. The tanks are mounted on each side as compared to being mounted on the top and bottom as used on older factory radiators.

The built-in oil cooler/heat exchanger design does not impede air flow to the radiator. It allows for short oil hoses. Race cars do not need a separate oil temperature gauge since oil and coolant temperatures run about the same as operating temperatures. Use -10 female fittings for the oil cooler connections.

These radiators generally bolt in to the original factory mounts. They were designed for track and race Alfas. Installation requires removing the factory fan. For street applications in hot weather a front mounted electric fan works well. We added the fan and temperature sensors due to requests from our customers for street use. In some cases, a particular installation may require modifications and we invite your suggestions. The stock bottom hose fits without modification. The top hose may require custom fitting using straight hose. We do not expect our radiators to fit all applications without some minor modifications. Specify 105, 115 or Twin Spark. Allow 45 days for delivery. Click here to see our pricing.

Dyno Tuning

We dyno tune all of our race engines before shipping. Like having an electrocardiogram, individual exhaust temperatures as well as O2 (oxygen) sensor readings are monitored. All the vital engine components are tested on the dyno: Ignition, fuel and intake system and exhaust headers for a complete Turn Key engine. When sending your engine be sure to include all the vital components that you plan to run in your Alfa.

Optional dyno tuning at Shark Racing in Sedro Woolley. Ace Sprint car driver and engine builder Mark Huson running the Dyno controls. Notable Alfisti behind Mark: Ben Schotz and son, Austin TX; Max (hidden behind  brother) and Andrew Banks, UK; John Trevy, Austin TX; Herb Sanborn, Burlington WA; Bob Fernald, Austin TX (looking through window).

6 inch Kinsler ram tubes attach directly to the Spica Throttle bodies. The velocity ram tubes increase power and torque over the hard to beat factory air box.

Finding maximum ignition timing assures maximum power while protecting against detonation. The distributor hold down clamp is then marked with a “set timing reference” on the engine. This should never be changed unless further engine modifications are made. Click here to see our pricing for this service.

Cylinder Heads

Our popular Spica Stage one cylinder head upgrade. Std valves with 45 degree angles. Valves, guides and valve pockets re-shaped for Stg 1 improved flow. Ports cleaned but not oversized. Head re-surfaced.

Our 10.2 mm cam: 10.2 lift x 240 degrees @ .050 lift. No loss of low speed torque, excellent idle quality. Completely assembled with valve lash set, ready to bolt on.

We prefer to service your cylinder head. Contact us regarding simple shipping details. Click here to view our pricing.

4C Twin Spark “75” head. Stage 3 preparation. 12 mm exhaust cam, 13 mm intake cam. As compared to the earlier “Nord” engines, the TS has shallower combustion chambers due to the narrow valve angles. The piston is flat even with nearly 11: 1 compression. Much less ignition timing is needed due to a shorter flame travel.

Pistons & Sleeves

CP custom lightweight alloy pistons, Darton sleeves and Carrillo rods. For street, 91 octane unleaded fuel. Click here for pricing.

Click images to enlarge.

Our unique Darton sleeves (www.dartonsleeves.com) for the 4C 2L engines are 85 mm. They are perfectly round on the OD making them much stronger along with 100,000 psi tensile strength. They are the same height as the factory sleeves, the same skirt dimension and o ring radius. Because they are round they do not have notches at the top. The factory sleeves have long cuts on each side and appear stronger but they are no stronger than the thinnest part of the sleeves which become stress risers and they are never perfectly round when the engine is running. Moving away from the old design of Alfa sleeves and rings will transform the engine.

The benefits with our Pistons and unique  sleeves are: Increased power, torque and gas mileage. No oil smoke or smell, less oil usage and less oil changes. We need to know the thickness of the cylinder head. Contact a technical advisor for instructions. Click here for pricing.

TWM Throttle Bodies

TWM 45 mm throttle bodies with DCOE bolt pattern. Compatible with Electromotive Tec engine management systems. Let us know if you want big power at the top end along with a good idle and strong mid-range torque.

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