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Our Favorite Pictures (Wes has an extensive history with cars: more to come!)

Red Ryder on the track.
Photo: Rebecca Sherman

“Red Ryder” was a local favorite among Alfisti of the Northwest. She spent 3 years in Wes’ shop transforming into a vintage race car. Stephen Habener and Wes poured their hearts — and some $$ — into the challenge and the result was a car that consistently finishes in the top 3 of her races, with many firsts. 

Photo: Rebecca Sherman

A beautiful shot of Red Ryder’s previous intake system. Notice the flexible fuel lines delivering fuel from the HP Race SPICA pump. Factory SPICA system with 6-inch velocity stacks.

Fiat Topolino, 1965

This picture was taken at a special Drag Race event at Half Moon Bay California in 1964. The body was found recently at a garage sale in Northern California. This little but mighty Fiat Topolino is currently being restored by Steve Sparkman. Topolino means little mouse. A 364 cu in. supercharged and injected Chevy engine powered the little mouse to a new NHRA National record in 1965. Unlike most other supercharged racers of the time this car started under it’s own power and had a 3 speed automatic transmission.

Just a shot of our past. This is the Joe Davis/Wes Ingram “Jewel T” doing its thing on a California dragstrip sometime in 1967.
We were among the first to supercharge the then-new Big Block Chevrolet. We won the 1967 NHRA Super Eliminator World Championship with the Jewel-T.
More pictures of the Jewel-T can be found on this page

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